Thursday, March 27, 2008


Sam celebrated his 5th Birthday at Leapin' Lizards.  He talked about it for a month before hand.  I had to make a "darken" calendar to count down to party day.  Sam's big moments are determined by how many "darkens" there are until the event!  Needless to say, it takes a lot to stay excited over 32 darkens!!  And of course, it turned out to be everything he had hoped for and more.
The birthday boy about to enjoy some pizza.  He's not excited or anything!
The party crew.  These are Sam's classmates from Kilbourne Park Preschool.
Sam and Keith enjoy the jumpin' castles.
Makin music with my friends (if that is what you want to call it!) It was so loud, you can see Walker (behind Sam) covering his ears!
David and Keith hamming it up!  I'm pretty sure they are having a good time!
I wish I had more pictures from his party, but the pics turned out really dark on my camera and Andrew's files are too big to put on the blog.  Once again, I have to get the hang of the mac and I need a lesson on how to get Andrew's pic files smaller.  I am missing some very cute pics of Ava in her beautiful party dress and where was Big HEN???  Hopefully I will figure this out so be looking for them.

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