Monday, June 23, 2008

The Fripp Life

We had a blast on our first annual Fripp Island vacation!!  What a wonderful week we had.  Of course, it wouldn't be a Todd vacation without some health drama!!  Henster got the "googly" eye and passed it on to Ava.  Sam got a little head cold and passed that onto Ava.  Yikes!!  Don't know if the Majures will be accompanying us next year!!  Hope they had enough fun to overlook it!!!  We have some gorgeous pics of the cousins on the beach, but they are on Andrew's fancy cam so it might take a couple of days for me to get them from him.  Check back for more beach photos later. The best are yet to come....
Lego building was constant at the beach!  Andrew and Sam built the huge Star Destroyer.  It took many hours and lots of patience.  Way to go boys!!
Henster is the happiest when he is being fed!!
Me and my boys chillin in one of 3 pools at the Cabana Club.
Swing time!!
Henster's favorite food was apparently sand!!
Andrew and Henster, Chris and Ava
Deer Feeding time!  The deer were everywhere on the island.  I don't know who enjoyed it more, Henster or Sambone!  At one point, Sam decided the deer needed a hug!!  Of course, I panicked and began searching for wayward ticks immediately!!
Chillin wit my hommies.
The cousins enjoying a lazy morning with some playtime!  I am still amazed at how well they hung together.  Nothing but love here!
Playtime with Auntie Na-Na.  The only other person that Henster will go to willingly and cheerfully!!
Avadoll and Henster having some beach time.  Check out Henster getting all sweet and lovey!  Ava isn't so sure!! 
Crawlin on the beach.
Golf cart rides are the best!
Awww!  What a cutie pie.  Henster's kinda cute too!


Chris, Anna & Ava said...

We had a blast too!!! I would take the google eye and the head cold all over again just to be back at Fripp! We love you guys and your beautiful children!!! Great pics Sarah!!!!

Jessica said...

What great pictures and such gorgeous children!

The Traynums said...'s time for you to update the blog! It has been 3 months!!!